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De Decompiler Pro Exe Janeyava

The following table lists file extensions for the application programs that are shown in Figure 6.1. **Figure 6.1** File extensions for application programs. You can use any one of the following methods to specify the application program and file format. * Drag the application file into the ZipPackage2.exe window. * Choose the application from the drop-down list. * Select the application from the ComDlg32 context menu. You can drag file formats as well. For example, you can drag an image into the ZipPackage2.exe window to create a Zip package. When you open the package from a ZipPackage2.exe window, the application appears with the image. You can drag items from one app to another. For example, drag the application icon for the image viewer from the desktop to the ZipPackage2.exe window. This image is placed in the package in the same location as the previous one. When you open the package from the ZipPackage2.exe window, the image appears. You can drag icons from an app to a ZipPackage2.exe window, in which case the app appears as the main window for the package. When you open the package, the app appears in the window that is opened.

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